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Bluegill fishing is one of the purest forms of angling. You don't need fancy equipment to feel your stringer with huge bluegill. I've seen some oldtimers catch bluegill on a simple stick, string, hook setup. Simplicity is key when fishing for bluegill. If you want to catch this tasty fish, you'll need to focus more on bluegill fishing knowledge, than fishing equipment. On this site you are encouraged to contribute your best fishing wisdom and have it published for the entire bluegill fishing world to benefit from.

Our goal here is to make the largest and best quality bluegill fishing site on the internet. This site is going to be a complete information depository containing bluegill fishing tips, tricks, baits, lures, secrets, rods, reels, tackle. and Bluegill by State. Also check out our using bluegill as bait section.

Since, I've received several questions asking about what are the best rods to use when fishing for bluegill, I decided to make a bluegill fishing rods page. I'm trying to decide whether or not I'll make a page about the best reels or not. I can't decide whether or having the best reels are really necessary when fishing for bluegill. If you email me requesting this information, I'll of course make a page about reels as well.

Bluegill Fishing dot org is eventually going to become a massive community with the help of fisherman just like you. We need your submissions to make this site the best bluegill fishing site online. Please submit all your bluegill or panfish fishing tips, tricks, stories, etc to You may get your tips published on our user submitted tips section.

Once I receive your submission I'll add it to the site and email you a link back to it so you can share it with your friends, family, and post it on your own webspace if you happen to have one.

*new* I have just added a new section because some people were emailing me asking where and how to catch big bluegill. So i decided to make a page that explains how I go about fishing for big bluegill, with a detailed explanation. It covers bluegill fishing for big bluegill in ponds and lakes. If someone has any expertise on fishing for bluegill in rivers, please send me an email and I'll publish your fishing wisdom.

I have decided to start documenting my Bluegill Fishing Trips. It should help me document which baits and lures are working the best and during what time a year. Keeping these records should improve my bluegill fishing and it will add data to this site to help all of you panfishermen out there.

What are we currently working on? Well as I said earlier we are going to put up a Bluegill by state and regional areas section so you can get your bluegill information for your local state or whatever. We hope that users will help contribute local information for fishing for bluegill near where they live. The reason being is that local fisherman compile years and years of data on their local lakes, ponds, rivers, etc and we hope that this will make bluegillfishing.org a very rich and diverse fishing site.

We hope you enjoy the site and good luck on your next bluegill fishing trip!

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